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This afternoon I had the day off work so I headed out to Bedford to meet the original #88 for the Cowboys - Drew Pearson. I got to the signing about two and a half hours early and was one of the first ten people in the line. Drew got there about fifteen minutes late, but told us he would make sure he stayed until all our items were signed. They were doing 1 item per person the first time through so I got my full size helmet done the first time, and the rest of the items the second trip through the line...here is the haul:

1 Full Size Helmet (w/ Ring of Honor Insc)
1 Mini Helmet (w/ 3x Pro Bowl, SB XII Champ, & ROH 2011 Insc)
1 Cowboys Book (also signed by Joe Avezzano)
4 Cowboys cards (1 for trade, added to bucket)

Tomorrow morning, I am heading out to Frisco for Dallas Stars practice for the first time, for those who have sent me 50/50 deals...so check back for updates tomorrow!!! :)


Now that's a nice success! You can't go wrong with those vintage Cowboys, Andrew. I must admit, I was always rooting against them back in the '70's. I was an Oilers fan, and was always rooting against the Cowboys because one of my best friends was a huge Cowboys fan. However, I had a great deal of respect for those Cowboys teams. Always seemed to play like a machine. No one knew his X's and O's like Tom Landry, and he knew talent. Drew Pearson was an amazing player, and terrific in the clutch. He was fun to watch...even if I was rooting against him.