Duhon21's Huge Autograph Sale

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4.90 star(s)
Nov 20, 2007
I am looking to sell the following items, to get some extra money... all these autographs have been obtained in-person by myself. If you see something you like let me know and I can get scans for you.

Signed In- Person Cards, unless noted:
Curtis Granderson x2 - $10 each
Ryan Garko- $5
Josh Wall Certified Auto- $6
Kevin Seitzer Certified Auto- $5
Nic Ungs Certified Auto- $5
Ron Kittle x2- $5 each
Michael Young- $10
Mike Cameron- $5
Ryan Dempster- $7
Kerry Wood- $12
Rich Harden- $6
Jhonny Peralta- $5
David Murphy- $6
Randy Wells- $10
Eric Byrnes- $8
Kevin Millwood- $6
Bill Madlock- $5
Scott Podsednik- $8
David Eckstein- $8
Koyie Hill- $4
Miguel Cabrera- $15
Casey McGehee x2- $10 each
Mike Fontenot- $7
Tony LaRussa- $10
Nick Swisher- $8
Felix Pie- $8
Moose Skowron- $8
Carlos Quentin- $15
Jimmy Rollins- $15
Billy Wagner- $10
Sandy Alomar Jr.- $3
Ryan Theriot- $8
Matt Harrison- $8
Jose Cruz- $5
Geovany Soto- $8
James Loney- $10
Glenn Becket- $9
Derek Lowe- $7
A.J. Pierzynski- $8
Ted Lilly- $8
Andre Ethier- $15
Jake Peavy- $15
Dan Hampton x2- $10 each
Tommie Harris x5- $10 each
Earl Bennett x5- $9 each
Chester Taylor- $10
Kevin Johnson Certified Auto- $6
Curtis Keaton Certified Auto- $3
Brian Urlacher- $35
Greg Olsen x5- $10 each
Nathan Vasher x3 - $7 each
Adewale Ogunleye- $7
Robbie Gould- $8
Howard Griffith- $8
Maurice Jones- Drew- $25
Johnny Knox- $15
Garrett Wolfe x5- $7 each
Rod Marinelli- $4
Mike Adamle- $5
Mark Anderson x5- $7 each
Craig Steltz x5- $4 each
Mike Ditka- $15
Mike Singletary- $15
Danieal Manning x5- $8 each
Chris Williams- $8
Marcus Harrison- $6
Desmond Clark x5- $4 each
Olin Kreutz x2- $8 each
Doug Buffone- $5
Steve McMicheal x2- $3 each
Adrian Peterson (Bears) x4- $6 each
Robert Lang x4- $7 each
Denis Savard x3- $10 each
Cristobal Huet x4- $5 each
Patrick Stefan Certified Auto- $5
Eric Brewer Certified Auto- $8
Phil Kessel- $10
Tim Thomas (NHL)- $10
Brent Sopel x3- $5 each
Duncan Keith x4- $10 each
Ben Eager x3- $7 each
Nikolai Khabibulin x2- $8 each
Joel Quenneville x2- $8 each
Jonathan Toews - $15
Tuomo Ruutu x5- $5 each
Chris Drury- $8
Peter Bondra- $10
Dustin Byfuglien x2- $8 each
Rene Bourque x3- $4 each
Andrew Ladd x2- $5 each
Brian Campbell x3- $7 each
Mike Modano- $15
Jack Skille- $8
Patrick Sharp x2- $15 each
Martin Havlat x3- $7 each
Dave Bolland x3- $7 each
Ed Olcyzk x2- $5 each
Sergei Samsonov x3- $6 each
Joakim Noah x2- $10 each
Brad Miller x4- $3 each
Nene Hilario- $5
Jameer Nelson- $9
Ben Gordon x2- $13 each
Elton Brand- $10
Luol Deng x2- $8 each
Gregg Popovich- $8
Taj Gibson x2- $8 each
Ime Udoka Certified Auto- $5
Stromile Swift Certified Auto- $6
Trajan Langdon Certified Auto- $5
Shawn Marion Certified Auto- $8
Sebastian Telfair x4- $4 each
Lindsey Hunter x3- $5 each
J.J. Redick Certified Auto /35- $15
Chris Bosh- $20
Dan Majerle- $8
Kevin Love- $8
Tom Thibodeau- $4
Gerald Green- $6
Jannero Pargo x10- $3 each
Rodney Stuckey- $8
Tyson Chandler x3- $6 each
Marcus Camby- $8
Adrian Dantley- $10
Aaron Gray x5- $5 each
Al Jefferson- $8
Kirk Hinrich x5- $7 each
John Salmons- $5
Andres Nocioni x5- $6 each
Dirk Nowitzki- $14
Tyrus Thomas- $15
Boris Diaw- $6
Scott Skiles x3- $4 each
Antoine Walker- $6
Trevor Ariza- $7
Zach Randolph- $8
Devin Harris- $8
Chris Duhon x5- $6 each
P.J. Brown x3- $4 each
James Augustine- $4
Ben Wallace- $10
Bob McAdoo- $10
John Paxson x5- $5 each
Shawn Marion x2- $7 each
James Johnson x3- $5 each
D.J. Augustin- $8
Yi Jianlian- $10
Ryan Anderson- $5
Bill Cartwright- $4
Carlos Arroyo- $4
Udonis Haslem- $6
Drew Gooden- $6
BJ Armstrong x2- $5 each
Corey Brewer- $8
Thabo Sefolosha x3 -$5 each
Charlie Villanueva- $6
Goran Dragic- $4

Gaines Adams Signed Blank Filler Card- $15
Larry King Singed Blank Filler Card- $20
Zach Parise Signed Index Card- $10
Mike Epps Signed Index Card x2- $10 each
Ronaldihno Signed Index Card- $35
Jesse Jackson Signed Blank Filler Card- $15
Colin Fraser Signed Blank Filler Card- $4
Chase Budinger Signed Blank Filler Card- $4
Eric Stults Signed Blank Filler Card- $4
Emery Moorehead Signed Blank Filler Card- $6
T.J. Oshie Signed Blank Filler Card- $7
Otis Wilson Signed Blank Filler Card- $7
Matt Toeaina Signed Blank Filler Card- $2
Derek Holland Signed Blank Filler Card- $5
Jonathan Toews Signed Index Card- $15
Nelson Dida Signed Index Card x2- $10 each
Alexei Ramirez Signed Index Card (Every Letter Autograph) - $10
Kris Versteeg Signed Custom Index Card- $15
Kris Versteeg Signed Signature Card- $10
Patrick Kane Signed Index Card- $15
Mike Fontenot Signed Index Card x2- $4 each
Niklas Hjalmarrson Signed Index Card- $6
Pete Myers Signed Index Card- $1
Dustin Byfuglien Signed Index Card- $5
Hunter Pence Signed Index Card- $8
Colin Fraser Signed Index Card- $4
Jack Skille Signed Index Card- $8
James Wisniewski Signed Index Card- $4
Sherron Collins Signed Index Card- $5
Taj Gibson Signed Index Card- $5
James Johnson Signed Index Card x2- $3 each
Brian McCann Signed Index Card- $7
Koyie Hill Signed Index Card- $3
Jannero Pargo Signed Index Card x3- $1 each
Hakim Warrick Signed Index Card- $3

Derrick Rose Signed Photofile 8x10- $30
Christa Campbell Signed 8x10- $15
Jack Kemp Signed 8.5x11- $20
Brent Seabrook Signed BAP Certified 8x10- $30
Cam Barker Signed BAP Cerified 8x10- $15
Patrick Sharp Signed 8x10- $20
Dominique Wilkins Signed 8x10- $20
Desmond Clark Signed 8x10- $15
Darko Millicic Signed Photofile 8x10- $10
Bo Hart Signed Photofile 8x10- $8
Jim Boeheim Signed 8x10- $15
Jonathan Toews Signed 8x10- $30
Adam Scott Signed 8x10- $10
Jason Kidd Signed Photofile 8x10- $15
Kris Versteeg Signed 8x10- $25
Greg Olsen Signed 8x10- $20
Josh Blue Signed 8x10- $10
Goran Dragic Signed 8x10- $10
Matt Forte Signed 8x10- $25
O.J. Mayo Signed 8x10- $25
Hunter Pence Signed 8x10- $25
Justin Upton Signed 8x10- $25
Frank Thomas Signed 8x10- $30
Wesley Johnson Signed 8x10- $25
Eric Maynor Signed 8x10- $10
Caron Buttler Signed 8x10- $25
Derrick Favors Signed 8x10- $25
Goran Dragic Signed 8x10- $10
Dan Majerele Signed 8x10- $15
Chad Qualls Signed 8x10- $8
Ryand Ludwick Signed 8x10- $25

Smaller Photos:
Lovie Smith Signed 4x6: $10
Michael Phelps Signed 5x7: $50
Kris Versteeg Signed 4x6: $10
Jake Shields (UFC) Signed 5x7- $10
Ernie Els Signed 5x7- $10

Logo Pucks:
Claude Lemieux- $15
Alexei Yashin- $20

Nelson Dida (AC Milan/ Legendary Goalkeeper) - $40
Tommy Hanson (Ball has small mark) - $45

Let me know if you see anything you like, thanks!
SLNoble13- The Redick is from his Rookie Year and is from Topps Trademark moves, a scan is below.
ussportscards- Scan of the Mayo is below, let me know if it looks good to you. Thanks!


I like the Reddick card but not really into buying right now. Are you looking for anything to trade for it?