Duke Snider

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Nov 6, 2005
I got a REFUSED (written in big letters on my envelope) from Duke. I sent it out about 6 weeks ago. The stamp was never postmarked either.
I sent him one just about exactly a year ago and got the same thing. So I just gonna try to get a Certified Auto card.
It is due to health reasons but I know some guys said he still signed if you sent $$.
He was sick awhile back, refused quite a few and then started signing again.
Hope all is well with him
Duke is Hit and Miss these days it seems. I got him a year ago and then again about three months ago. Sadly, his health is in decline.
he signs on again off again. i received two cards signed a couple of months ago and refused about a month before that. try again in a few weeks.
i also gave him ten dollars to sign a baseball for me and he added hof inscription. Carl Erskine a team mate is great signing ttm and adds inscriptions. he threw 2 no hitters and also adds a card for you.