E-Bay auction rant/warning !!!


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Hello everyone,.
It's been awhile since I made a post but I wanted to warn everyone to please do your homework before you bid on any box/case break team spot auction,.
Here's why:
2015 Topps Museum baseball just came out and there are mutable offers on E-Bay to bid on a team spot during a case/box break.
I collect Cleveland Indians cards so this caught my eye so I decided to watch a few case breaks before I dropped 20.00 ++ on a ebay auction,.
This is what I discovered by watching 3 case breaks,..36 boxes total,.4 packs per box.4 base cards plus a GU/Auto insert,..the results:
36 Boxes
144 Packs,.which means 144 GU/Auto or rarer #d hit
576 Base cards,.
out of all that there were only two Cleveland Indians cards pulled and it was a duplicate of a Omar auto /399 !!,..TWO CARDS OUT OF 720 !!!!
I wrote to one of the people offering this auction asking him if I could get a refund if not one Indians card was pulled,..He wrote back saying NO because there are
Indians cards in the set,..So I went to Topps.com and checked,..yes there are Indians cards but 5 of them are 1/1's and the other is the Omar auto #'d /399 and no base cards at all !!
If you are a Indians collector stay away from these auctions and this product,..you are throwing your money away !!
and E-bay should do something about these people just ripping people off on some 1 in a million chance to pull a card that they can add to their collection,.
your better off just waiting till someone list's the card,..and speaking of that, the Feller 1/1 cut signature was already pulled from this product and listed on E-Bay so
your odds just got a lot worse to get anything from this product if your a Indians collector,..
So please do your homework before you bid on any auction for a new product release !!!
That's my warning/rant,..thanks for reading !!


just a edit,..I discover there is also a Nick Swisher bat nameplate that is 1/1,.and a Bob Feller Quad-relic #'d to 25,..so without the Omar auto that is a total of 35 cards of 6 different players,.5 of them being 1/1's,..way to go Topps,.How many HOF's played for the Indians,..28,. and you can only come up with 33 cards out of the whole set of only 3 of them.,..,.lots of Red Sox and Yankees though,..it's just sad,..

EDIt # 2,.I took the time to check out 2015 Topps Tribute's checklist and there are only two Indians cards listed,..both base #7 Roberto Alomar and #18 Cory Kluber,
The Boston Red Sox have 9 base cards and 37 different inserts listed,..what's up with that,...
I actually sent a message to the auction seller telling him that there are only 2 Indians base cards in this set and thats it,.
The listing is still up and he hasn't wrote back either,.talk about a scam,..

Edit #3,.2015 Topps Gypsy Queen,.Cleveland Indians have 12 base cards which isn't bad(Beantown has 13),.not including the base variations,.
Cleveland only has 2 cards listed,.a Belle bat barrel 1/1 and a Kipnis low-end insert,.thats it,..NO GU's AUTOS or RELICS what so ever !!,..Boston has 26 different one's listed,.

Please make sure you check out your team on the Topp's checklist to make sure your not just throwing your money to a E-Bay seller
that offers a auction that is worthless !!!
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Thanks for the warning but not really needed by me. I don't participate in group breaks unless they are by a reputable breaker on a forum I am a member of. Even then I won't really chance it because I don't want to lose money on a box/case unless I'm breaking & having the fun.


Cleveland still has a team? LOL just kidding. i hear your frustration too, you do have to do your homework to get the biggest bang for your buck.