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Oct 7, 2005
Northwest Washington
The below is a conglomeration of all the Email successes I could find posted here. It does not include success where you are asked to send anything like a SASE. That's correct they are totally free. As a TTMer and someone who was raised to respect others time I ask that you consider sending only to people you are fans of. These people are using their personal resources for postage and head shots and it not fair to request an autograph just to have it. There may be a real fan that won't get one because of this.

Consider using these resources if you are unsure of who someone is.

I'm going to color code this later to make it a little easier to read. If someones signing habits have changed (or they were fired) please let me know and I will edit the list. Also if they are known to send Pre-Prints or Ghost signed auto please let me know.

A special thanks for over 99% of the addresses goes to the following.

Actor/Actress (TV & Movies includes hosts)
Singers/ Musicians

Frank Abagnale, Inspired ‘Catch me if you can” [email protected]
Geno Auriemma, College Basketball Coach UCONN women [email protected]
Ben Bailey, Comedian (Cash Cab host) [email protected]
Robert Bateman, Wildlife Artist [email protected]
Diana Barrows, Actress [email protected]
Mike Belotti, College Football Coach Oregon- [email protected]
Mack Brown, College Football Coach Texas- [email protected]
Gary Barnett, College Football Coach Colorado- [email protected]
Rich Brooks, College Football Coach Kentucky- [email protected]
Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida- [email protected]
Gregg Brandon, College Football Coach BGSU- [email protected]
Jim Boeheim, College Basketball Coach Syracuse- [email protected]
Amanda Beard, Olympic Swimmer- [email protected]
Bobby Bowden, College Football Coach at FSU [email protected]
Tommy Bowden, College Football Coach Clemson- [email protected]
Pete Carroll, College Football Coach USC- [email protected]
Bryan Cranston Actor (Seinfeld, Malcom in the Middle) http://www.bryancranston.com/ask_bryan.asp
Sly Croom, College Football Coach Mississippi St- [email protected]
Larry Coker, College Football Coach Miami- [email protected]
Robbie Coltrane, Actor [email protected]
David Cutcliffe, College Football Coach Ole Miss- [email protected]
John Calipari, College Basketball Coach Memphis- [email protected]
Jodie Conradt, College Basketball Coach Texas women- [email protected]
Bill Dance, Bass Fisherman [email protected]
Charlie Daniels, Musician [email protected]
Chris De Burgh, Singer [email protected]
Billy Donovan, College Basketball Coach Florida- [email protected]
Deidre Downs, Miss America 2005 [email protected]
Dennis Erickson, College Football [email protected]
Mike Eruzione, 1980 US Hockey Team [email protected]
Jose Feliciano, Singer (Feliz Navidad) [email protected]
Kirk Ferentz, College Football Coach Iowa- [email protected]
Jim Florentine Actor (Crank Yankers) [email protected]
Chan Gailey, College Football Coach Georgia Tech- [email protected]
Silvana Gallardo, Actress [email protected]
Robert Ginty, Actor [email protected]
Paul Gilmartin, Comedian (Dinner and a movie host) [email protected]
Archie Griffin, Former OSU and Cincinatti RB- [email protected]
Roz Hammond, Actress [email protected]
Jenifer Harman, Poker Player http://www.jenniferharman.com/jennif....php?contact=1
Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada [email protected]
Daniel Hayes, Author [email protected]
Terry Hoeppner, College Football Coach Indiana- [email protected]
John Hoeven, Gov. North Dakota [email protected]
Lindsay Hollister, Actress [email protected]
Pat Hill, College Football Coach Fresno St.- [email protected]
Jacqui Jeras, CNN Anchor [email protected]
George Jones, Country Musician [email protected]
Jackie Kallen, Boxing Promoter [email protected]
Wendy Kaufman, Snapple Lady [email protected]
Toby Keith, Singer [email protected]
Robert Kennedy Jr [email protected]
Wolfgang Ketterle Nobel Prize Winner 2001 Physics [email protected]
Dirk Koetter, College Football Coach Arizona State- [email protected]
Mike Krzyewski, College Basketball Coach Duke- [email protected]
Dan Lafontaine, Voice Over Actor [email protected]
Lisa Lampanelli, Comedian [email protected]
Dennis Locorriere, Singer [email protected]
Sonny Lubick, College Football Coach Colorado State- [email protected]
Shirley Maclaine, Actress [email protected]
Kia Malone, Daily Buzz Morning Show [email protected]
Roland Martin, Bass Fisherman [email protected]
Angela Merkel, 1st German Female Chancellor [email protected]
Dan McCarney, College Football Coach Iowa State- [email protected]
Larry Mcreynolds, Nascar Crew Chief [email protected]
Judge Marilyn Mulian, TV Judge [email protected]
Diandra Newlin, Actress [email protected]
Nickel Creek, Bluegrass Band [email protected]
The Nighthawk, Wrestler [email protected]
Greg Norman, Golfer http://www.shark.com/contact.php
Deborah Norville, Inside Edition Host [email protected]
Joe Novak, College Football Coach Northern Illinois- [email protected]
Tom O’Brien, College Football Coach Boston College- [email protected]
John O'Shea, English Footballer- [email protected]
Garry Patterson, College Football Coach Texas Christian- [email protected]
Patti Page, Singer [email protected]
Jack Parker College Hockey Coach Boston University [email protected]
Paul Pasqualoni, College Football Coach Syracuse- [email protected]
Ridley Pearson, Author [email protected]
Danielle Peck, Singer [email protected]
David Pomeranz, Singer (Theme from “Perfect Strangers”) http://www.davidpomeranz.com/contact.html
Mike Price, College Football Coach UTEP- [email protected]
Rick Pitino, College Basketball Coach Louisville- [email protected]
Oliver Purnell, College Basketball Coach @ Clemson [email protected]
Suzi Quatro, Actress and Singer [email protected]
Boots Randolph Aka Mr. Sax [email protected]
Gordan Ramsay, Cook-Hell’s Kitchen [email protected]
M. Jodi Rell, Gov. of Connecticut [email protected]
Al Roker, TV Weather man [email protected]
Ted Roof, College Football Coach Duke- [email protected]
Bob Saget, Comedian [email protected]
Axel Schulz, Boxer [email protected]
Lia Scott Price, Author [email protected]
John Scully, Boxer [email protected]
Neil Sedaka, Singer [email protected]
Jeff Sheppard, Basketball [email protected]
Mike Shula, College Football Coach Alabama- [email protected]
Bob Stoops, College Football Coach Oklahoma- [email protected]
John Stossel, ABC News [email protected]
George Smoot, Nobel Prize Winner [email protected]
Mark Snyder, College Football Coach Marshall- [email protected]
Bill Snyder, College Football Coach Kansas St.- [email protected]
Bill Self, College Basketball Coach Kansas- [email protected]
Tommy Tuberville, College Football Coach Auburn- [email protected]
Jeff Tedford, College Football Coach Cal- [email protected]
Norma Vally, Toolbelt Diva [email protected]
Caitlin Van Zandt Actress (The Guiding Light) [email protected]
Dick Vermeil, Kansas City Coach- [email protected]
Rhonda Vincent Bluegrass Musician [email protected]
Dave Wannstedt, College Football Coach Pitt- [email protected]
Martha Wash, Singer [email protected]
Frank Wilczek, Nobel Laureate in Physics [email protected]
Ty Willingham, College Football Coach Washington- [email protected]
Wally Wingert, Voice Over Actor [email protected]
Ron Zook, College Football Coach Illinois- [email protected]

Also if you like the list here please shoot me a PM saying Thank you. I sent several hours compiling this list and would like to think it looks pretty good. I will be better when I finish the key.
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I just wanted to point out that there are many celebrities that have studiofanmail accounts (list can be found online). The photos you get back from these celebs are pre-printed autos, autopens or just bad copies. You will NEVER get real autos from studio fan mail
Dan McCarney, College Football Coach Iowa State is gone from there. Bill Snyder, College Football Coach Kansas St is gone too but you might still be able to reach him through there.
Yetserday brought...

The New Jersey Nets Dance Team 1/0 (Signed Litho of the entire Nets Dance Team)
c/o Contact information on Nets website

Happy Collecting!
Got a Steve Alford color 8x10 personalized, plus a signed letter on New Mexico letterhead. Sent c/o University of New Mexico. Very Sweet.

Today I got Bronco Legend and 4 time probowler Rick Upchurch
We exchanged emails for a while. Really nice guy sent an 8 by 10 autographed in black.