Early September returns.....


5.00 star(s)
Some set hits old and newer.....
1960 Topps Joey Jay, Ray Herbert, Joe Pignatano, Albie Pearson, Bobby Malkmus, Jim Donohue and Joe Morgan.

1972 Topps Rich Morales and Bill Buckner. Bill charges $10. per card. That is a little pricey for me, so I drew him as a rookie Dodger sent two cards (the other was his '70 RC) and $5. and told him I would be sending two more cards along with decorating the envelope with successive portraits of him with the various teams he's been on..... stay tuned to see how that works.

I got a old return (I can tell by the postage stamp that was used) from Mick Kelleher signing my '78 and '81 Topps.

Weighing in on my '85 Topps & '90 Donruss set hits were Chuck Porter, Billy Gardner, Tom Filer, Mike Boddicker, who also signed his '79 RC) and the highlight was the return from Jay Buhner signing his '88 Donruss RC (open for trading) as well as his '90 set hit for me.....

Happy returns everyone.