Ebay isnt for sellers anymore? Look at this scam

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Sep 29, 2007
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I sold a higher dollar card on ebay the buyer paid the day after the auction! I charged $15 for shipping with dc and partial insurance! After figuering shipping and supplies and gas came out to $16.50 but i only charged $15 and i told the buyer shipping would take 7 to 14 days which is the table for all international shipping after 3 days he files a claim for a refund and said i should have send it super express for him which costs $52 for his $15 come on seriously???

Paypal now tells me they will review the case but he claims he will give me a negetive either way which will ruin my 100% feedback rating unless i give him a refund!

Anybody can me give me some advice on what i should do?

Ebay is for buyers ONLY! Sellers have no protection anymore from Bone Head buyers that they can do what they want and we cant even negetive them for being stupid!
I heard there has been a few of these buyers tryin to ripoff sellers for high end cards so they can get a refund and got a high end card!

Anybody can me give me some advice on what i should do?

Also let me know what you think on this?

I am extremly angry at ebay/paypal at this point!
I woulda done a lot cheaper shipping personally with a DC. Maybe he wouldnt gripe too much that bad. Maybe he would rather the card be damaged...lol.
If you sent it with any type of tracking that is accesible online and the card gets delivered then the buyer will have no claim for a refund with paypal. Of course they could always say it "wasn't as advertised" (thank you very much paypal) and they can still leave you negative fb and stars (thank you very much ebay).

I would have as little contact as possible with this buyer. I would simply state that I did exactly what I said I would do and it actually cost me more than I charged AND SAY NO MORE. Especially once they go squealing to paypal you have no obligation whatsoever to be in personal contact with them. They're gonna do whatever they're gonna do, nothing you can do about that, so your best bet is to remain professional/impassionate and just follow up on whatever claims they file with ebay/paypal.
thanks for the advice i just been very upset with this buyer trying to pull a fast 1 on me and breaking my 100% feedback on ebay!
ebay sucks.. I got a negative from some moron because I charged .50 cents for shipping in a pwe which was clearly listed in the decription and received a negative.. ebay's response? They will only remove negative feedback that is vulgar or along those lines.. Well my 100% feedback is gone now!

thanks ebay!
If you haven't sent yet I would give him his refund and move on. There is no way you are going to make this guy happy. Give the next highest bidder a second chance option and see if he buys it.
Your keeping the copies of the e-mails that he sent to you? They would show....the real reason hes filing a paypal claim against you. Most people..know that sending it priority express....cost more money and if your auction states the cost for mailing....Most people will see that what he asking for is unreasonable! Best regards, David
After calling paypal and giving them the dc and insurance numbers they closed the disput on my account but the buyer still claims he will give me a negetive any way to avoid it? maybe email ebay?
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Nope! I had a case not to long ago that I won against a buyer (I was 100% right as verified by Paypal AND Ebay) and still got stuck with a negative. As stated above, Ebay won't remove anything unless it's vulgar (or such). You will get a nice email from them talking in circles and how sorry they are that they cannot remove the negative.

If you take the hit, take it and move on. Block this bidder from your future auctions, just keep doing right by people when you sell and do not worry about the negative. People will see that you are really honest and won't fret about buying from you. I truly believe that some people on Ebay set out to mess up a person's feedback.

Remember this: You can please some of the people some of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time. And some people are just jerks no matter what you do!
take the negative everyone gets 1 sooner or later cant satisfy every putz out there
I agree with Mike, just take the negative and move on. If you sell a lot, one negative isn't going to cause buyers to not place bids on your stuff. Also, I would block this buyer so he doesn't try to cause you more problems.
Does that Niekro auto in your PC list him as a Brave? if so is there anyway I can talk you into trading it?
After calling paypal and giving them the dc and insurance numbers they closed the disput on my account but the buyer still claims he will give me a negetive any way to avoid it? maybe email ebay?

It sounds like he threatened to leave a negative in his first email. That, for some reason, is against the ebay TOS. If you forward that email to ebay you may be able to get the negative removed, if the buy does in fact leave you one...