ebay letter


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Dear loudmouthbuyer:

We wanted to remind you that starting March 30, 2010 selling on eBay will be a better deal than ever!

•List Auction-style FREE--no Insertion Fees--when you start your Auction-style listing under $1.

•Get new, lower Insertion Fees for all other start prices.

•Either way, pay one easy Final Value Fee of 9% of the winning bid (but never more than $50)--and pay only if your item sells.

•List in Fixed Price for 50¢, with Final Value Fees for the most part staying the same.
This new standard fee structure will replace the current "first 5 listings free"--you'll pay no Insertion Fees whenever you list Auction-style and start pricing under $1!*

Get complete details on the new eBay fees and get ready to SELL!


eBay Seller Team

Personally this is gonna hurt me as I sell on ebay bin. So much for ebay making things better.