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Ebay is a great way for the site to pay it's bills and now also to help stock the Bench Bucks Store.
So please don't forget to use our ebay tools, by either using the search box on the right hand side of the site OR....

Today we added a shortcut for member who list items in the Auction Exposure section.

There is a button with the ebay image

Clicking on this button will bring up a pop up box so you can enter in your ebay item #

The item(s) then display in a nice window within the thread. There is also an ebay search box within the window for your use.

Thanks for the support.


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Pretty cool & looks to be more convenient! This site is improving more everyday it seems. Now I just need to get my trader numbers up more lol. Thanks


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Pete - Let's say I open eBay from the eBay search box on the right, then save that search into my favorites. Will The Bench get credit when I open up the saved search from my favorites or do I need to come here each time?



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I don't get it yet, but I'll keep looking. Maybe you could put a sticky thread in the Auction forum with instructions.

Also I clicked on your vendor account and it was not found.
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David K.

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It didn't work. Can someone answer my question from 5 years ago?

Been using the ebay link for a while now.....it only pulls up ebay....and whatever purchase using the ebay window....a small credit goes to the Bench. I tried the above link and its not working so I looked to the right side of the screen and click on the ebay search...that was working. Best regards, David