Ebay Listing

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Gives ebay sellers a bad name.

I see ebay sanctions for policy violations in the near future for them.
I think it was just a SNAFU??
When I looked at the listing, s/h came up as $12.85 to ship to Canada. When I changed the address to USA it listed $999.
I think seller may have erred in posting info.
Economy rate at that! I first thought it was an error in the listing but then he talked about baseballs going for $3000.......so maybe he is trying to avoid listing fees. And I agree, it does give sellers a bad name.
Would be kind of funny to win the auction, and then have it shipped to Canada for $12.85. Interesting to see how he would weasel out then. Too bad the listing is over, maybe a Canadian benchie would "take one for the team" and try it.