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Actually,from a sellers point of view,I guess it makes more
($)ense to list it this way.
This is the first time I've seen it done this way.
his shipping is always different it looks like he does most of selling baseball cards like one sale was for like 3 nancy drew disks and he also doess stuff like barbie dolls and baby stuff but his shipping is always different i looked at about 10 of his autions and the were all different rangin from i think about arount 2-15 dollars but idk why they are so much for three cards and it says hes from the US so idk why it would be that much
But what happens...if they asks for a refund because it did not cost the seller $49.99 to ship the card? : ) Or that the shipping cost was crazy ; ) Best regards, David
He states that he accepts no returns.
The shipping cost is clearly stated.
Doubt you could get a refund.
$2.50 shipping & $47.49 handling.
I guess this seller's shipping cost rating might suffer though(lol)
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It's called fee avoidance, and his listings would be removed if reported...eBay only charges fees on the sale price, not the S&H...