Eck! I Wander, why use a Green Belt Sander on a Gray steak? That's just Savage, Pop!

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5.00 star(s)
And that's how one fits nine successes into a single title pun. All received Friday through Monday...

Ted Eck, 3/3, 7 days
Jim Walewander, 5/6, c/o home, 12 days, kept 5 cards but sent four signed customs with his artwork on them
Charley Greene, 4/3, 9 days, wrote short note back
Adrian Beltre, 1/1, c/o Rangers ST, 2 weeks
Ryan Sandberg, 1/1, c/o home, enclosed $5, 11 days
Gerry Gray, 3/2, 7 days, wrote short note back
Ricky Davis (he owns a steakhouse), 3/2, 7 days, wrote short note back
Bruce Savage, 5/5, 2 weeks
Don Popovic, 4/3, 8 days, wrote short note back