egregious error card - paging Mr. Aaron

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Feb 23, 2006
Henry Aaron just gets no hobby lovin'

LOL, They totally messed that all up.. I'm surprised they didnt change the idea and not recognize Bonds, instead there dissing out on Hammerin' Hank.. Com'on topps!!! I guess you can't expect much from them though.
i know not a lot of people read the back of cards but i am one that makes you wonder if topps QC reads the backs
Now that is just digusting. The wording is terrible. It is clear some of Topps employees are not really sports fans. Does anyone proof read these prints before production or is this just another short print error scam.
Though, I think it would have been funny if they could have said something along the lines of "until 2006...when it was stolen by Barry Bonds." Oh, wait, they had an exclusive deal and turned a blind eye to what he was doing, too. Surprised there wasn't an American Heritage card of Benedict Arnold saying "oh, come on, it was only one time."
Wow, that's awful. Somehow, they remembered Roger Maris, though.

rsfan -- the text on the back reads "socked 714 home runs, which stood as a record from his retirement in 1935 until 2006."