El Presidente... El Perfecto!

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Jan 25, 2009
Markham, Ontario
I'm pretty pumped about this addition to my Expos collection. The first and only Montreal Expo to toss a perfect game. He signed a card for my collection and also signed a 16x20 of him from that fabulous July 1991 day!

He didn't use the blue Sharpie I provided in the package or sign the 16x20 where I asked (wanted it off to the left side so it would be more legible) but I can't complain... he signed it for free TTM.... one of my favorite returns as he was one of my favorite Expos and his Perfect Game is one of my favorite memories of the team!



Nice one.. When did you send to him? I've tried him twice now, with no luck.
I sent it about a month and a half ago... I had tried last summer too with no success, but I have a friend who got a return last year. I guess he can be hit or miss.

This one showed up in a poster tube (because of the 16x20), so I knew it would stand out when he got it and wouldn't slip thru the cracks... but of course I didn't know if he'd sign and return it.
Thanks guys!

Now I have all 3 Expos pitchers to have tossed no-hitters in the collection. Bill Stoneman threw 2, Charlie Lea got one, and of course El Presidente.

Hard to believe the Mets and Padres still don't have one. Also amazing that the Expos got their first no-hitter in only their 9th game in franchise history back in '69.