ESPN mag GREAT TTM article!

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
very cool read has JOE mauer on the he will get slammed even more ! lol. pick it up or could be on the web for free.
Sent TTM to Joe Mauer and all I got back was a postcard basically saying he's too busy to sign
Is that the current issue? I guess I will run out to the mailbox and get mine!
Yeah maybe a few or people that find his mom's address and sends there, I've yet to hear of anyone that has gotten a handwritten note really signed or anything thats not preprint. I'll send to him again but I know I'll be getting a preprint lol
I sent CO stadium and it was sent back from his family and his baseball workout facility. His whole family runs it. I looked at the website the postcard talked about and these postcards are most likely mailed by his family while he's away. He does not actually sign
I guess "answering fan mail" is open to interpretation then. After all, he's shelling out the money for those pre prints. Having those printed isn't cheap. I'm sure he feels they are answering that mail by including those preprints. A lot of times this will happen just to try to save time. Seriously. Several years ago, back when he was playing, I recall reading an article about Dale Murphy, and how he had invested in an autopen to answer fan mail. The thinking was this would be more time efficient and speed up the process of handling the fan mail. When he started running into fans at the ball park who complained about the machine generated signatures, the autpen machine was mothballed. Point is he didn't do it to deceive, but rather to save time.