Everybody wins in Shocks & Saves

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
If you are not familiar with the event, you can read about it here in this short excerpt I put below.

On Nov. 21, 2005, while playing for the Detroit Red Wings in a game against the Nashville Predators at Joe Louis Arena, [Jiri] Fischer’s heart suddenly went into ventricular fibrillation — a “shaking heart beat,” as Fischer says. That soon turned into cardiac arrest, as Fischer’s bloodflow ceased and he lost consciousness on the bench. The team's medical staff used an automatic external defibrillator to resuscitate him, after his heart had stopped for six minutes.

More than four years later, Fischer can look back on the event and talk about how lucky he is to be alive. The event has inspired him to become a strong advocate for heart health, as he works through his Healthy Hope Foundation.

That was the reason for his visit to The Dow Event Center’s Wendler Arena, to host the third annual Shocks and Saves, to be held Jan. 30 prior to the Saginaw Spirit game against the Sarnia sting.

You can also read the post-game review here, but $30,000 was raised this year. All proceeds are used to purchase for defibrillators for the local area, and one of those has already saved a life. :eek:


But to the autographs anyways. :)

Igor Larionov: 0/10ish - was a no show :mad:
Dave Lewis: 1/1 and was nice about it
Jason Wooley: 0/1 - another no show :mad:
Larry Murphy: 1/1, 1/1 - also was nice about it
Mickey Redmond: 0/2 - didn't see him in the lobby like the others, and left early. Didn't pick up a pen except when he ducked out, and it was only for a few people while the game was still going.
Jiri Fischer: 1/1, 1/1 - was the guy who signed the most, could have got more if I had more

It doesn't matter because everybody wins in Shocks & Saves! Best of luck to you in February.
congrats, I remember watching that game, very scary especially once they turned the cameras away from the bench after they talked about it looks like they are trying to resesitate (dunno how to spell that word today i guess)