Expanding the number of characters in a thread/post

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David Campos

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Dec 27, 2003
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Any chance that something can be done as far as expanding the number of characters in a thread or post?

I have very long and lengthy trade lists that I'd like to post here but I refrain from doing so because many times I have to break the lists up into multiple posts. I run into a catch 22 situation because many times I ignore the prompt that tells me not to bump a thread because of the 24 hour rule. I generally bypass that in order to get all of the list to fit.

My goal for the new year is to get more organized and I've already made up some huge trade lists that are ready to post. I've started to post them on SCF and I'm able to fit all the list in one post where as here it can sometimes take 10 or 12 replies for me to fit it all in.

Any thoughts about this?
What I resorted to doing was creating a page on my google site, listing the cards there, and then posting a link on the Bench.
I've kinda already have done that. I copy and paste the lists in my freewebs page but nobody every clicks on the link(s).

It's kinda like the check my bucket threads. People respond more when they see things in front of them and don't have to make the effort to look for what they want.
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I actually have a list on here, but I had to do it in several posts like you stated originally. And to be honest, I don't really want anyone to post on that thread, as I don't want it cluttered. But my fear is then, if it doesn't get a post on it, it gets deleted. But I use it to keep track of my set cards that I have sorted out for other peoples set wantlists.
David, I will see what the technical side of the load would be to the server, I dont think it would be a problem but I am certainly not a tech ****, Sorry I didnt get to this sooner.

We have doubled the allowable characters in a single post(40k). Lets see how that goes.


Cool deal, Nick. Thanks for looking into this and expanding the characters per post. I'm revamping a couple of my big wantlists/tradelists and I'm looking forward to posting them here hopefully by the end of the month.
great deal thanks for this update to the greatest site around
what about the max # of characters in a trade.
i may be in the minority but i am obsessive about having the exact listing of the cards in the trade so when printed i can use as like my pick list when pulling the cards for the trade. i occasionally make some large trades and have to edit listings to get them to fit in trade.
thanks again for all the hard work on The Bench

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