Extra TTM/IP Auto's FT/FS

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4.90 star(s)
Have these available, scans or pics available, just ask
Bill Almon-88 Donruss
Joaquin Arias-07 Fleer
Mike Bielecki-92 Leaf
Joe Borchard-03 Donruss
Milton Bradley-08 Topps
Tom Brookens-87 Topps
Tom Brookens-88 Topps
Jason Bulger-02 Bowman
Kiko Calero-07 UD
Troy Cate-07 Topps
Rocky Cherry-07 Topps
Travis Chick-07 Fleer
Jesus Colome-99 SP Top Prospects
Chuck Crim-89 Score
Michael Cuddyer-08 UD
Lenny DiNardo-07 Topps
Benny Distefano-85 Topps
Benny Distefano-85 Topps Tiffany x2
Benny Distefano-86 Donruss
Frank Duffy-75 Topps
Darrell Evans-82 Fleer
Darrell Evans-00 GOTG Cert.
Jorge Fabregas-93 Classic Best
Josh Fogg-99 SP Top Prospects
Kevin Frandsen-08 Topps
Chad Gaudin-08 UD
Wade Gaynor-10 Topps Pro Debut x2
Johnny Groth-60 Topps
Brandon Hamilton-07 Tristar Farm Hands Cert.
Brandon Hamilton-08 Donruss Threads
Brandon Hamilton-07 Bowman Chrome x2
Mike Henneman-88 Topps
Mike Henneman-89 Fleer
Mike Henneman-90 Fleer
Luke Hochevar-08 Topps
Willie Horton-05 UD Past Time Pennants Cert.
Charlie Hough-88 Topps
Edwin Jackson-05 Donruss Studio
Todd Jones-02 Topps
George Kell-07 SP Leg. Cuts (bubbled some)
Joe Koshansky-06 Bowman
Joe Koshansky-08 Topps
Warner Madrigal-08 Bowman
Gary Majewski-00 Just 2k
Jonathan Meloan-08 UD A Piece of History
Luis Mendoza-08 Topps
Mike Mussina-93 Topps
Pat Neshek-03 Choice
Pat Neshek-06 Choice
John Orton-90 UD
Vince Perkins-04 Bowman
Juan Pierre-05 Skybox Autographics (bubbled)
Luis Quinones-88 Donruss
Luis Quinones-90 Fleer
Luis Quinones-90 Topps
Luis Quinones-90 UD
Chris Richard-01 Bowman Chrome
Alex Romero-08 Topps
Brian Ruggiano-10 Topps Pro Debut x2
John Russell-08 Topps
Max Scherzer-10 Topps (personalized To Nic but can be removed)
Blake Smith-09 Donruss Elite
Blake Smith-09 Tristar Prospects
Ian Snell-04 SP Prospects
Ian Snell-08 UD
Franklin Stubbs-90 Score
Franklin Stubbs-92 Leaf
Frank Tanana-Biblical card
Erick Threets-08 Topps
Ramon Troncoso-08 Topps
Tyler Walker-01 UD
Jon Warden-69 BIG
Ron Washington-08 Topps
Jerome Williams-03 Donruss
Chris Woodward-99 Fleer Tradition

Nick Anderson-90/91 Skybox
Mookie Blaylock-90/91 Hoops
Terrell Brandon-91/92 Fleer
Terrell Brandon-93/94 UD
Erick Dampier-00/01 Topps
Erick Dampier-01/02 Fleer Maximum
AC Green-93/94 Topps (personalized, maybe can remove)
AC Green-94/95 Topps (personalized, maybe can remove)
Tim Hardaway-95/96 Fleer
Tim Hardaway-98/99 Hoops Shouts
Dan Marjle-90/91 Hoops
Dan Marjle-94/95 Topps
Dan Marjle-98/99 Hoops
Nate McMillan-93/94 Hoops
Nate McMillan-93/94 Topps Gold
Nate McMillan-96/97 Collector's Choice
Dirk Nowitzki-03/04 UD Standing O (bubbled some)
Glen Rice-99/00 Hoops
Glen Rice-01/02 Fleer Platinum
Brian Shaw-92/93 Topps
David Robinson-92/93 Hoops
Walt Williams-92/93 Stadium Club

Ray Childress-92 AW x2
Dan Fouts-05 Topps All American
Warren Moon-92 AW
James Stewart-99 Fleer Tradition
James Stewart-03 Fleer Tradition
Ricky Watters-01 Bowman
Ricky Watters-01 Fleer Gametime
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4.90 star(s)
Index Cards
Neil Berry
Gates Brown
Dave Campbell
Joe Coleman
Bobby Doerr
Jim Donohue
Darrell Evans
Steve Foucault
Tito Francona
Ned Garver
Dick Gernert
Steve Grilli
Billy Hoeft-dec.
Lerrin La Grow
Lee Mac Phail
Jim Northrup
Larry "Bo" Osbourne
Jim Price
Tom Veryzer

Penny Hardaway
Andrei Kirlienko

Ted Lindsay

Jeff Hardy
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Any of them of the Cards in yankees uniforms

also might be interested in the
Jeff Hardy
Ricky Steamboat
what you looking to get for them


4.90 star(s)
Any of them of the Cards in yankees uniforms

also might be interested in the
Jeff Hardy
Ricky Steamboat
what you looking to get for them

No Yankee uniforms, are you looking to buy or trade? If trading I'd want other autographs. I also have a ticket stub from ECW/Smackdown signed by Rey Mysterio but I'd need something nice for that one.
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Carlos Gonzalez only one I seen that I'd really be intrested in

...and that's about the only one I wouldn't trade for the Chick, haha. He's having a monster season, and I'd like to save that one to see if I can't get something nice for it. :D

Figure I would inquire though. :D


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Yeah nobody else I'm really intrested in for my PC since for the most part other then Tigers and HOFers I only collect the guys I figure might stick around and make a name for themself. $2 paypal dlvd in PWE?


5.00 star(s)
Yeah nobody else I'm really intrested in for my PC since for the most part other then Tigers and HOFers I only collect the guys I figure might stick around and make a name for themself. $2 paypal dlvd in PWE?

I will get back to you on that - I'm not too interested in buying anything at this point, but I'll see if I can swing the funds.


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Here is my tradelist. anything you interested in for trade. I could use some of yours

Pat Listach – 1995 Topps Traded
Greg Booker – 1988 Fleer
Manny Acosta – 2009 Upper Deck (2)
Nate McLouth – 2007 Upper Deck
Peter Moylan – 2008 Upper Deck
Terry Pendleton – 1995 Pinnacle
Clint Sammons – 2009 Upper Deck
2008 IL Top Prospects
Jordan Schafer – 2008 Threads (2)
Takashi Saito – 2008 Upper Deck
John Russell – 2009 Topps (2)
Nyjer Morgan – 2004 SAL TP
2008 Upper Deck (neither auto is that great. He sort of scribbled it)
Ron Villone – 2004 Topps total
Steve McCatty – 1980 Topps
Doug Slaten – 2007 Topps
2007 UD First Edition
J.D. Martin – 2002 Topps
Mike Morse – 2008 Upper Deck
Shairon Martis – 2009 Topps
2009 Upper Deck
2009 Bowman
Colin Balester – 2008 IL Top Prospects
2008 Bowman Chrome
Jason Bergmann – 2010 Upper Deck
Garrett Mock – 2006 Bowman Chrome

Jerry Owens – 2009 Upper Deck
Matt Capps – 2008 Upper Deck First Edition
Tony Beasley – 2002 Multi Ad Hickory Crawdads

Chris Coghlan 2010 Topps total
Edwin Almonte – 2002 Topps
2002 Topps
John Stuper – 1983 Topps
Ben Francisco – 2007 Bowman
Bob Molinaro – 1983 Topps
Joe Mather – 2009 Topps
Einar Diaz – 2004 Topps
2001 Fleer Platinum
Brendan Katin – 2007 Bowman Heritage
Eric Munson – 2004 Fleer Tradition
Dennis Sarfate – 2007 Topps Heritage
Drew Anderson – 2007 Topps Heritage
Chris Bosio – 1989 Score
Jerome Williams – 2006 Upper Deck
Chris Heintz – 2006 Upper Deck
Chris Speier – 1984 Topps
Ernie Whitt – 1989 Donruss
1988 Topps
Roric Harrison – 1976 Topps
Roger Mason – 1994 Topps
Greg Colbrunn – 2003 Topps total
Chris Snelling – 2003 Leaf Certified Materials
Joe Vitiello – 1996 Fleer
Chris Waters – 2009 Upper Deck
Garrett Olson – 2007 IL Top Prospects
Jamie Navarro – 1996 Leaf
Aaron Cunningham – 2009 Upper Deck
Danny Darwin- 1994 Stadium Club (2)
Jason Hart – 1999 Team Best Rookie
Terry Humphrey – 1978 Topps
Wayne Krenchicki – 1983 Fleer
Chris Perez – 2009 Topps
Bill Selby – 1993 Pro Cards
Eric Wedge – 1995 Pawtucket Red Sox
Mike Hartley – 1995 Pawtucket Red Sox
Rich Garces – 1991 Stadium Club
Cliff Floyd- 1992 Classic Best
Mark Dewey 1995 Fleer
Gary Wayne 1990 Donruss
Pat Combs 1991 Stadium Club
1990 Donruss
Ned Yost 2004 Topps
2005 Topps (both signed in blue sharpie on blue Brewers uniform)
Rich Hill 2009 Topps Heritage Update
Norris Hopper 2008 Upper Deck
Ruben Gotay 2008 Topps Update & Highlights
Elizardo Ramirez 2007 Topps
Brad Snyder 2004 SAL TP
Jeff Niemann 2008 Topps Traded
Mike Smithson 1988 Score Update
Bill Plummer 1975 Topps