Fanfest, Rehabbers, and other IP successes


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Last week went to the Fresno Grizzlies vs. Colorado Springs game, got 31 cards signed, only noteable snub was Kaz Matsui(my friend got him the next day). Highlight of the night was Nick Bierbrodt telling me "you're the most jacked card collector I've ever seen!" Got a good laugh out of that.

Then I went down to LA to visit a friend and go to the all-star fanfest and futures game. Didnt really plan on getting any autos I just enjoy the free stuff and seeing everything. Im not big on waiting in lone lines. Friday didnt get any autos but saturday I saw some short lines and was able to get Jim Fregosi and Clyde Wright on 8x10s, and had to wait a bit longer but really wanted Chili Davis for my Giants collection and he was really nice. Love the fact that all of the autos are MLB authenticated. Not scanned but I also got Billy Ripken on a filler card after he did his xmradio show with Cal Ripken. Coming off the stage everyone charged Cal so knew there was no chance but I saw poor Billy only having 2 guys wanting him, so I got him. I was upset I didnt have my 89 Fleer FF card!!!! Oh well maybe next time. Overall good experience not as much stuff to see or handed out as the 2007 fanfest in SF though.

Sunday I went to the Futures game, how could I pass it up since tickets were $3 on stubhub! Was able to get a few guys on cards, not pictured is the program I got signed by guys who I didnt have cards of. Also got some nice pics of players who I plan on getting signed later at games.

Got back yesterday in time for the Modesto game, Brett Tomko is rehabbing for Oak and Casey Weathers for Colorado. Was able to get 20 Tomkos, good add for the Giants collection. Weathers did 4 but he said he will do more if he is still here next homestand. Scans and some other pics are below. Thanks for reading.

Jim Fregosi

Chili Davis

Hak Ju Lee

Hank Conger(Futures Game MVP)

Celebrity Softballers
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very nice successes....I still have a 66ers team photo you wanted, I also have a Manny Ramirez Inland Empire 66ers bobblehead and game day program.
send me a PM if your interested.