Few in the mail and some IP work

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Mar 23, 2004
Had 2 in the mail yesterday.

Mugsey Bogues signed 2 cards c/o home and included form letter about his website
Solomon Torres signed 3 cards c/o home and included letter about Jehovah Witness and apologizing if it was not the cards I sent


Went and did the Pacer's Rookie Camp and got the 2 guys I went for.
Lance Stephenson signed Dime magazine cover
Marcus Williams signed 06-07 UD FE set card

Did Louisville and Indy today and did pretty well. Once again did not get my friend Chapman but will go again tomorrow. He apparantly drove his own car and went in a different way.
Ted Power 2 cards(1 for metrotheme)
Jared Burton 1 card
Edinson Volquez 2 cards
Ryan Hanigan 1 card
Zack Cozart 1 card
Todd Frazier 1 card(Topps 100 set card)
Wladimir Balentin 1 card
Luis Terrero 1 card(04 Just set card)
Gary Matthews-asked him to sign...said he was lost and if I told him where to enter stadium he would. I showed him where to enter and he walked in and did not sign

Dean Treanor 2 team set
Brian Burress 3 cards
Vinnie Chulk 2 team set
Michael Crotta 2 team set
Steven Jackson 2 team set
Jean Machi 2 team set
Daniel Moskos 4 cards
Hayden Penn 2 team set
Jeremy Powell 2 team set
Jeff Clement 1 card
Akinori Iwamura 2 cards
Brian Myrow 2 team set
Jim Negrych 1 card
Alex Presley 2 cards
great job..you should have given GMJ some HGH..he might have signed then