Finally accomplished another collecting milestone!

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Oct 21, 2008
Charlotte, MI
Maybe not a huge milestone, but it sure took a while.

2008 Topps Black /57 Cubs Team Set (Series 1, 2, and Update)

Here's the 2009 Topps Black /58 Cubs Team Set (Series 1, 2, and Update)

Here's the 2011 Topps Black /60 Cubs Team Set (Series 1, 2, and Update)
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Thanks. I know all about those set collectors, they definitely drive the prices up! I think I traded for 2 of the 29, the rest I bought, most from eBay, but the last two I got over Thanksgiving at COMC (The Patton and the Ramirez). I couldn't believe they had both of them. I figured I'd do a search, and I was VERY surprised when they both popped up! It was a good day!
That's a huge milestone in my book. Congrats on the accomplishment.

I often thought about trying one like that, but getting all of the same serial #. Then I woke up and realized that would take years, if it ever got finished. Especially with a team like the Cubs. Too many people collecting them.

Thanks all. I like to see other people's accomplishments, because it's such a good feeling to finally get that last card...
That is a huge accomplishment, considering how many Cub collectors there are plus the fact that there are on 57 and 58 of each card to begin with. Congrats on the Milestone.

WOW! Supper Job! I hope to do the same with my Mets one day. Isn't that a great feeling when you get that last card? I get that feeling with each Mets team set I complete. I think that's why I got back into collecting. Congratulations!
Thanks guys, I hope to complete the 2010 set before the highly anticipated 2011 set comes out. I have only 6 to go, and they're all from the Update series...