Finally completed this tough 540-card parallel set


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I am so happy to have polished off this set recently, I wanted to share my joy.
Several bench members helped me with this on my thread in Baseball:Wants

The redemption cards, especially from series II were difficult. The last one, Kirk Rueter, was obtained on eBay by buying a fairly expensive complete team set of Montreal Expos. On the other hand, I was able to pick up Geronimo Berroa in a small and cheap lot of museum (it wasn't listed in the description, but could be seen in the picture).

Oddly enough, my last card to complete the set was #502 Brian Hunter.



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One of the cooler early insert cards to have. The action shots are the best.

So there were redemptions for the dufex versions of some you say? I don't know if I ever heard that before.


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Nice job! I remember busting packs of those and everybody was looking for those museum collection cards. I want to say they were one in every 4 or 6 packs.