Finally got around to joining this site!

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Ct Sox Fan

Jan 3, 2011
Southington, CT
I am a team collector of the Red Sox. I collect anything or anyone as long as they are in a Red Sox uniform.

I have been in the hobby for a while. I started up on Beckett back when it was a decent site and message board. From there, I met a bunch of fellow team collectors and we created our own message board in which we still have. We trade cards back and forth all the time. We even have had 3 annual conventions in which we meet up at a baseball park and spend the weekend in that city. We usually rip open tons of boxes we all bring for the ocassion! We have visited Baltimore twice and this year was in St. Louis. We might try the West Coast for 2011 to appease our West Coast folks that have to travel the most each year!

I have over 15,000 different Red Sox at this time. I also have been trading on a regular basis with Scottzoe. I send him my Red Sox double. I noticed he is on this site.

I have tons of cards from teams that we do not have a collector for, so I figured I would give this site a shot at moving some of those teams cards and try and trade them for either Red Sox, or teams that my fellow team collectors collect for them!

I will work on providing a link to show off my player collection of Youk. He is one of my favorites as I enjoy the hard nose, hard working type players.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and checking out your collections. Hopefully I will be able to fill some holes for you in your collections!

Welcome to the bench. I collect David Wright. I have a ton of Red Sox available for you. Please let me know if you come up with any Wrights.

Welcome aboard
You will enjoy it here on "THE PINE"
So Let the tradin begin.

If you play golf we have a anual Bench Golf Tournament in July
There will be post all about it
Tournament Director