Finally posting my IP and TTM cards

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Trimming down my PC of autographs of players from Puerto Rico. Looking for other autos of players from PR. Will also trade for low numbered cards of players from PR, or rare GU cards of players from PR.

1963 Topps #160 Juan Pizarro (White Sox) ballpoint pen
1978 Topps #433 Fernando Gonzalez (Pirates) black sharpie
1981 Topps #238 Willie Hernandez (Cubs) blue sharpie
1981 Topps #559 Willie Montanez (Expos) ballpoint pen
1983 Fleer #624 Jesus Vega (Twins) black sharpie
1985 Topps #34 Ed Nunez (Mariners) blue sharpie

1997 Score #118 Eduardo Perez (Reds) black sharpie
1998 Fleer Tradition #433 Yamil Benitez (D-Backs) blue sharpie
2001 Donruss #R20 Cesar Crespo (Padres) blue sharpie
2002 Donruss #66 Wilbert Nieves (Padres) blue sharpie
2009 Bowman #BDPW21 Andy Gonzalez (Team Puerto Rico, WBC) blue sharpie
2010 Topps Update #US-4 Alex Cora (Mets) blue sharpie

2011 Topps #326 Ozzie Martinez (Marlins) (RC) blue sharpie
2012 Topps Update #US98 Hector Santiago (White Sox) blue sharpie
2012 Bowman Chrome #BCP150 Kenny Vargas (Twins) blue sharpie
1988 Hills #21 Candy Sierra (Nashville Sounds Team Issue) blue sharpie
1991 Impel #335 Fernando Figueroa (Jacksonville Suns) silver sharpie
1992 Skybox #355 Fernando Figueroa (Jacksonville Suns) silver sharpie

2009 Topps WBC #8 Fernando Cabrera (Puerto Rico) blue sharpie
2010 Grandstand #8 Jose Flores (Fort Wayne Tincaps) MGR blue sharpie
2013 Topps Heritage Minors #8 Christian Vazquez (Seadogs) blue sharpie
Home Made Card (Score) Nino Escalera (Reds) blue sharpie
1990 Comiskey Park Ivan Calderon (White Sox) blue sharpie

Home Made Card Edgar Baez (Caguas Criollos) blue sharpie
Home Made Card Enrique Kiko Calero (Caguas Criollos) blue sharpie
Home Made Card Edgar Clemente (Caguas Criollos) blue sharpie
Home Made Card Luis Wicho Figueroa (Caguas Criollos) blue sharpie
Home Made Card Edwin Maysonet (Caguas Criollos) blue sharpie
Home Made Card Carlos Rivera (Caguas Criollos) blue sharpie

Home Made Card Ramon Conde (White Sox) blue sharpie
Home Made Card Jesus Feliciano (Team Puerto Rico) blue sharpie