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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Finally something goes right for me this week. I had 3 successes Monday but two of them didn't signed very well and ever since then I have had the flu and felt awful and got a grand total of 0 successes the last 3 days. But today things are looking up :D I got:

Jamie Moyer 4/4 c/o Phillies in 50 days



and Woody Williams 3/3 c/o Home in 6 days :D (Also I don't know if you can tell from the picture but the one on the right has a signature already stamped on it. The card is Woody but if I am not mistaken, the signature stamp is Greg Swindell's. Lol. I thought that would be a cool thing to have.)


Also I got a RTS from Lee Stevens...I saw a success a day before I sent this from an address in Kansas so I sent to it but I got it back today where someone had stuffed all my cards and my letter in my SASE and had written Lee's not at this address. Can someone please help me out with a address with recent successes for him please?

Thanks for looking!
I'm assuming the Williams is the addy in the TTM catalog? I'll probably try that one out myself. Here's what I found in the catalog here for Lee Stevens with some successful returns. not sure if this is what you tried.

Lee Stevens
9157 Buck Hill Drive
Littleton, CO 80126-5042
Ummm....I'm not sure which Williams address is in the catalog but I sent to the one in Frisco, TX but the return was post marked Houston. Thanks for your help guys, I'll give that address a try.
I'm hoping to get my request back from Moyer soon. Sent him 2 ticket stubs from his 250th victory about 2 months. No luck yet. Fingers crossed.