Review Fire - N F L


5.00 star(s)
Fire - N F L

20 packs per box and 6 cards per pack
2 Autos and 2 relics per box

82 base and rookie cards and retired players - no dupes!!

Fire is an issue that will appeal to some and will turn off some as well. I have been 'living' with this issue for 2 days and it is beginning to grow on me. Initially, I felt that they were too busy with the background, now, I'm slowly beginning to come around. Fire is printed on thicker than normal card stock with the front of the card being glossy and the reverse is a matte finish. One will find that rookie cards are grouped together and each has the RC designation on the upper corner of the card. Retired vets such as Marino, Aikman, Lott, Elway, Sanders, Bettis, Namath, and Bradshaw are sprinkled the set. ( I would prefer that the retired players be a subset or an insert set and include more of the current players in the set.)


Red Foil Refractors

20 unique parallels

Purple, Blue and Gold Parallels

Purple - Bryant #ed to 499
Blue - Kaepernick and Mettenberger #ed to 299
Gold - Harvin #ed to 50

Competitive Fire / On Other World

Competitive Fire - 2x
On Other World - 4x

Ring of Fire

John Elway

Die Cut - Forged by Fire

Branden Cooks and Terrance West


Jimmy Garoppolo


Brandin Cooks - green #ed to 75
Zach Mettenberger
Anthony Barr

All 3 are stickers - but the card is designed for a sticker. Obviously none of the 3 can do anything but write their initials....


Fire is a good issue for the beginning collector to venture into a set that is not a base set. It is also good for the younger collector and the player collector - not so much for the parallel set builder... could be rather difficult to build a purple, blue or gold #ed set.

I really like the die cuts. Both look good - just a bit dark, but still look good.

This particular box had the promised 4 hits - only I received 3 autos and 1 relic not 2 autos and 2 relics.

Overall grade B+ just a bit busy for me...

Go buy several boxes and see how many autos you get.

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