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20 packs - 6 cards per pack
2 hits per box - 1 auto'd card per box

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I received these cards:

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Base -- 98 of the 200 card base set - 49%

Fire -- good issue for the younger (not necessarily in years) to get started on - after the Topps base set and maybe a Bowman base set....200 cards in the set - should be easily doable with 2-3 boxes and some trading.

This year's design is not quite as 'busy' as some earlier Fire issues have been. The player is the center of the card and not the design in the background. Fire has vets, rookies and some retired players to touch most of the bases for most collectors. Set builders and player collectors should like the issue. One will be able to find numerous parallels - orange green blue, magenta, purple to name many of them -- to chase. If one is wanting to get some of these graded.... be careful with corners, edges, and surface.... easily damaged.

The reverse has no stats, either personal or professional. There is a write up of a high light of their career. Numbers are easily read.



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Red/Magenta - Treinen, Martinez, Gordon, Yelich, Molina
Orange - Nola and Flaherty #ed to 299
Green - Belt #ed to 199

En Fuego // Flame Throwers

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EF - Rizzo, Gurriel, Kluber
FT - DeGrom and Cole

Smoke and Mirrors // Maximum Velocity

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SM - Kershaw and Chapman
MV - Fisher

Lasting Legacies // Fired Up

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LL - Jeter/Torres
FIU - Trout

Game Used Relic

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Miles Mikolas - green #ed to 75


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Josh James


Overall grade A -- good design!

Go buy several boxes and send the Rays parallels and inserts to me!!