First interview of 2010 "Iron Mike" Marshall!

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Thank for setting up yet another interview!

My Question.....

How do you feel your career would of changed if you had played in today's game? Do you feel like you would of done better, worse, or about the same?
If he is fielding the autograph questions...

You are one of the most difficult living autographs in MLB today, yet you are quite approachable through your website, even taking time to personally answer questions. What lead you to create this personal policy of not signing autographs for the fans?

How did you come to sign a very limited number of cards for Upper Deck's Sweet Spot card series, your only certified autograph issued to date, to my knowledge (many of which have faded terribly, FYI)?

Will we possibly ever see a change to the no autograph policy either for a fee or free? Even basketball legend Bill Russell, who was once a near impossible signature, is attainable these days with a little effort (yet great expense). I know the demand from collectors working on themed collections such as league leaders, award winners and even team sets is great and the supply, even through your known signing with Bill Corcoran, is limited to pre-signed pieces and of course, cost is still an issue for most budget conscious collectors at $200-250 or more per item.

Although you hold 3 of the top 8 spots (90+) in the record books for pitching appearances in a season, do you believe your record of 106 games will be matched or eclipsed in your lifetime? The 90 game mark has only been reached twice since you and Kent Tekulve both hit it in 1979, by Tekulve again in 1987 and most recently Solomon Torres in 2006!

Would you work in MLB if the opportunity arose, such as a pitching coach position?
Question for Mr Marshall

Who was the hardest batter to get out in your opinion when closing a game

Thank you for your responce
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Does he have anymore pitchers that are in the minor leagues and how have pitching coaches responded to them?
Tim - Thanks for landing another interview!

Mr. Marshall,

Thank you for taking the time to field some questions from members of The Bench!

I'm a HUGE Andre Dawson fan and as I type this we are 3 days away from finding out if "The Hawk" will be voted into the Baseball HOF. This is his 9th year on the ballot.

Since you played in Montreal yourself for 4 seasons, could you please explain some of the differences in the way you and other players were covered by the media here in the states? I can't help but think that Dawson and maybe even Tim Raines would already be in the HOF had the the Expos been given the coverage of the U.S. based MLB teams.

I appreciate your time!

First off thanks for taking the time to answer questions. Which team did you enjoy playing for the most and why?
Thanks for another great interview.

Mr.Marshall: Do you think that, in general, is it good or bad for baseball and for the pitchers themselves the way their pitch count and the days in between appearances are being monitored by their teams?
Lots of great questions so far (funny that Curt had a few :D ), just want to say congrats to Tal for landing a great interview.

I would first like to thank Mr. Marshall for taking the time to answer our questions...

My question is: If you could play for any MLB team today, which one would it be?

I love this interview guest! Thank you for landing a great one, Tim!

Mike Marshall could very easily have been the NL MVP in 1974, as well. He was that dominating. In addition to his 106 games pitched in '74, finishing 83, saving 21, and winning 15 in relief, he was just as dominating in the '74 World Series. He closed out all 5 games of the Series, and only gave up one run.


That just so happens to lead into my question for Dr. Marshall. You came into the 5th game in the 6th inning, and mowed down the top part of the A's order. Three up and three down. When the A's came to bat in the 7th, Joe Rudi was leading off. As I recall you threw very few, if any warm up pitches before that inning. It was like you were daring him to hit your inside heater. It's been 35 years since I saw that game, but I believe that's what you threw him, and he hit it out for a solo home run to give the A's the lead, and what turned out to be the game winner, and the end of the Series. It was the only mistake I saw you make the whole season. What was going through your mind when Rudi walked up to the plate, and if you had the chance to go back in time and do it over again, what would you throw him?
Thank you for answering!
I have a couple of questions,
1) Are you or were you ever a baseball card collector? Do you collect or have any memorabilia from your playing days?

2) What was it like when you saw yourself on a baseball card for the first time?

3) When did you know that being a professional baseball player would be your career path?

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