Flat Rate Priority Mailing - The POTENTIAL dangers!

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Jun 11, 2005
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I recently bought another large team lot, this being my first such purchase on this site. The rest of these types of purchases were from ebay. I have had mixed luck with these, as some sellers tend to mail the cards packed directly into the mailer, while others double box! One more than one occasion, I have suffered shipping damage to cards when the double box method was not used. Obviously, double boxing adds weight and decreases space, but it adds something well worth the space loss and weight gain, additional protection.

I want to share with you a double box experience and ask all of you who do read this to consider doing it anytime you mail heavy lots. It is worth the effort and additional cost.

I bought this team lot and insisted that it be double boxed and paid the extra price for it, although the seller may have absorbed a small portion as well (thank you). This was based on my previous experiences. In fact, one particularly bad large team lot experience left me with about 1000 cards with minor to severe corner damage, so I am not eager to repeat that. The package arrived today and I could see right off that it had it's typical "PO ride". Two outer corners had pretty good "munch" damage.


Upon opening the box, I was expecting as much but was still relieved to find a double box and even some extra care with wadded up newspaper. This helps to keep the inner box secure from moving and adds additional cushioning. As you can see, the inner box survived all but a single corner ding. Those direct corner shots resonate DEEP into the package, especially when it's packed tight with cardboard!


I expected some minor corner damage in that one corner and hoped that it was packed with junk! After revealing the contents, I was relived to find 1990 Donruss resting in the damaged corner.


As you can once again see, there was some pretty good damage to the corners of some cards, but that was contained to about the top (or bottom as it were) dozen or so cards. Everything else appears to be in good shape, although I have not looked through the box yet. If anything, I may find some very minor corner dinging due to shifting, but I expect nothing serious and look forward to searching through a large lot of Dodger cards. From what I can see, I think this will be a fun box to sort and a sweet deal to boot.

Thanks to RHauch for this deal and in no way am I implying or stating that he is to blame for any of this minor damage. In fact, I am quite pleased with the results and he did a great job of packaging the box. Had he not, the damage very well could have been worse. I merely wanted to share this experience with everyone because even the best intentions are not good enough when the PO gets their hands on your heavy, flat rate boxes! I hope that if you sell or trade lots in this quantity that you consider spending or charging the extra couple of bucks to ensure the results are positive and not negative.
Thanks for the information. Now....I a little worry about my case of 2008 ud heroes coming from Blowout cards Inc. this monday. Best regards, David
Thanks for your insight on this,..
I've never counted but I have so many cards that I would love to trade away bulk lots,I like to do a thousand at a time but was always afraid of damage during shipping because of the weight.
The double box method looks like the best I have seen so far.I'm lucky because I work at a large retail store and we get shipping air bladders all
the time,..guess I didn't put 2 and 2 together, but I see the light now

Need a another 1000 Dodgers??

Thanks again for sharing,posting pics also was cool,..

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This thread will remain Closed, however, There is great information here that MrMopar has shared with us. Flat rate shipping is a great way to send alot of cards at once without getting hammered for excessive weight charges. Double boxing is a great way to help protect yourself from disaster. Regardless of your feelings about mail carriers, the USPS, UPS or fedex, please use this information for the betterment of your shipping proceedures.

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