Flat Rates of Base - $30-35 Each Delivered!

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Jul 15, 2007
Vancouver, WA
Another one of my flat rates - these usually go quick. These are all base cards. Not a lot of rookies or super stars but plenty of everything else. $30-35 delivered each as priced below.

Great for set building, traders, or for inventory (Sportlots, etc.)

Box 2 - 2022 Product Baseball Only - $30
2022 Topps Series 1
2022 Topps Series 2

Box 3 - 2021 Topps Update Only - $30

Box 6 - Hockey Only - $30
All Upper Deck Product from the last few years - there are a few packs worth of older UD stuff but no junk wax.

Box 8 - Basketball - $35
Recent products - about half is Donruss/Hoops and the other half is newer Optic, 21-22 Prizm, Hoops Premium, etc.

Box 10 - Sports Mix - $30
Recent Years - Soccer, Football, Hockey, & Others -

Box 11 - Older Mix - $35
This is a mix of cool products ranging over the last 20 years. No junk wax era stuff but possibly some late 90s football in here. Mix of football, baseball, basketball.

This is how I pack cards - padded on the bottom, cardboard buffer on all sides, and padded on top. This has worked really well in the past.