For sale: Various HoFer Game Used, Patches, Lettermen


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These cards no longer fit into my collection. I am focusing on signed baseball cards and not collecting game used items or patches. So I am putting these up for sale. I know it's early but I am trying to sell off part of my collection to raise money to go to the 2020 National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City.

If you are interested in anything please send a private message.

Please add $3.50 for shipped in a bubble envelope.

Willing to listen to offers as well.

So here goes

Brittany Spears – game used swatch $8
John Wayne – GONE
A&G Flower - GONE

Jimmie Foxx America Heritage Bat Relic 5/25 GONE

Jimmie Foxx Various Patch Letters - ALL GONE

Jimmie Foxx Sterling Bat Relic GONE

Pedroia Letterman $13
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