For Trade: 2006 Topps "Declaration of Independence" inserts


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I have the following 2006 Topps “Declaration of Independence” inserts to trade:

CB Carter Braxton
CC Charles Carroll
FH Francis Hopkinson
FL Francis Lewis
GC George Clymer
GR George Ross
GRE George Read
GT George Taylor
JA John Adams
JB Josiah Bartlett
JH John Hancock
JHA John Hart
JM John Morton
JS James Smith
JW James Wilson
LH Lyman Hall
LM Lewis Morris
MT Matthew Thornton
OW Oliver Wolcott
PL Philip Livingston
RHL Richard Henry Lee
RS Roger Sherman
RST Richard Stockton
RTP Robert Treat Paine
SA Samuel Adams
SC Samuel Chase
SH Stephen Hopkins
TH Thomas Heyward Jr.
TJ Thomas Jefferson
TL Thomas Lynch Jr.
TM Thomas McKean
TN Thomas Nelson Jr.
TS Thomas Stone
WE William Ellery
WF William Floyd
WH William Hooper
WP William Paca
WW William Whipple
WWI William Williams

I also have a bunch of the "United States Constitution" inserts to trade:

I’m looking to trade for any 2013 Red Sox base card or parallel that I don't have:

I'm also looking for any Rusney Castillo card.

I'm also looking for any Xander Bogaerts card I don't have:

I'm also looking for any Mookie Betts card I don't have:

I also have more than 1000 other Red Sox wants (and thousands of cards for trade) listed on my trade page:

And I'll also take RC/prospect cards of these players/years:

Albert Pujols (2001)
Andrew McCutchen (2005)
Anthony Rendon (2012, 2013)
Anthony Rizzo (2010, 2011)
Buster Posey (2010)
Clayton Kershaw (2008)
Freddie Freeman (2007, 2011)
Giancarlo Stanton (2010)
Miguel Cabrera (2000)
Mike Trout (2010, 2011)
Robinson Cano (2003)

I'll also take refractors and Topps Gold #'d cards I don't have (from any year) of those same players (as well as Ortiz, Pedroia, Pedro, Varitek, Nomar and Big Mo Vaughn).

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