FOR TRADE - 2009 ud 20th anniversary HOCKEY (must read)

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 3, 2014
Missoula Montana
I don't collect hockey but have these laying around

would consider baseball or football. I will be real easy to trade if you take the whole lot. Make me an offer

2009 UPPER DECK 20TH ANNIVERSARY (update 9/24/15)
2001 Alexander Ovechkin H O C K E Y * $3
2061 Sidney Crosby H O C K E Y * HAVE 2 $5
2141 Carolina Hurricanes H O C K E Y * HAVE 2 $0.50
2216 Patrick Roy H O C K E Y * $2
2326 Carey Price H O C K E Y * $3
2346 Anaheim Mighty Ducks H O C K E Y * $0.50
2351 Patrick Kane H O C K E Y * $2.50
2371 Mark Messier H O C K E Y * $1.50
2411 Detroit Red Wings H O C K E Y * $0.75