For Trade: 2015 bowman chrome draft sky blue refractors

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5.00 star(s)
These are the doubles that I have in sky blue refractors for trade. I am interested in completing 2 sky blue refractor sets...........and the green refractor set...No trade to same:

For Trade: 6,8,14,16,17,25,27,31,41,44,49,50,51,52,53,56,57,58,60,63,65,66,67,70,72,75,78,80,83,84,87,91,92,94,97,101,102,105,108,109,118,119,123,124,129,130,131,137,143,145,148,152,153,154,156,157,161,167,172,175,176,181,186,197.

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