For Trade - Topps Project 2020 Mike Trout Cards


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Is there any interest here? I have multiple copies of about 10 Trout cards from the Project 2020 set. I can go dig them up and list them if there is any interest. I can say for sure I don't have multiples of the Ermsy card. Definitely at least 5 of each of these: Grotesk, Chang, Baller, Jamieson, Rochester, JK5, Naturel. Again, I probably have more than that but in the interest of time- I'll wait to see if there is interest to go digging.

Beckett has most of these listed between $15-$30. On some, I am willing to go lower than BV on my end.

I'd be looking for more rare 90s inserts of minor stars, semistars and stars in baseball, basketball or football. Also always looking at Jordan, Kobe and LeBron stuff- even base.

Hopefully we can make some trades here!
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