Found three HOF autos...


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Found 3 HOF autos... computers too slow to take scans right now. Ted Williams, Johnny Bench/Joe Morgan, and Joe Diamaggio 1992 UD Heroes auto's #'d out of 2500.

Only one gradable is the Joe Dimaggio. BVs are 500, 500, and the bench is 175.

Now the Ted Willams is 1992/2500...since it's year 1992 do you think it could be worth more? maybe so maybe not?


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Real nice finds! Despite what seems like a high print run, I think those cards are pretty tough to find now. Wouldn't be surprised if many of them are stashed away in PC's by now.


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Nice cards, although I don't really think it being numbered to the year would make much of a difference in the value. Just my opinion.