Frank Thomas Collection

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Jun 9, 2010
As I inch closer to obtaining my 2000th Thomas card I realized that I've never taken the time to show off my collection so I took some time this morning to scan some of my GU cards and autos. It's nowhere near complete and I still need to add a lot of titles and descriptions, but I thought I'd show off what I have so far. Any feedback would be appreciated.

PS. Still new to photobucket, is there an easier way to move items than from album to album? My ultimate goal is to have everything list chronologically, but it seems like it's going to be a hassle.

Frank Thomas Collection
You have a great collection. A few years ago I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Thomas. He is a great guy, and was one heck of a baseball player!
Nice collection! Meet Frank at a card show in San Francisco a few years ago when he was playing for the A's! Got his auto at the show! My favorite card is his 1990 leaf.....however, in an interview....he did not like it because it made him look weak? Best regards, David
Great collection! The difficulty of sorting cards chronologically on photobucket is that it lists the cards alphabetically based on the uploaded file name. If you take a peek at my Maddux GU cards in my bucket I made seperate folders for each individual year of Maddux GU cards and make sure I upload the scans with a specific title so they end up in the right spot.

When I scan a Maddux GU to be uploaded I name the file: YearCardDescription.jpg so it falls into place. GU/
Thanks for the kind words eveyone. I met Thomas once as a kid as well and was lucky to get him sign a ball for me.

slavlite: thanks for the's gonna make the entire process much easier
Awesome scans! Frank is one of the first guys I collected growing up. He was a class act and you can't go wrong with guys like that. Keep up the good collection!