frank thomas / late 90's parallel fans .....1997 pinnacle inside diamond edition


5.00 star(s)
1997 pinnacle inside diamond edition #35 (scan not available at the moment)

don't really want to get rid of this gorgeous card , but frankly im in a bind and needs funds before noon monday so gonna throw it out here and see ih there's any legit is only 25 , but the last verified sales i could find were 40 and 77 , both in sold in june but i cant find the actual price....sortsof says 400 but goes on to say the seller accepted a best offer and worthpoint doesnt show that sale so i'm kinda flying blind quite sure that 400 is beyond insane but i also know that bv is a bit on the low side too so i'll listen to offers with the following caveat - i am very reluctant to let it go , but i'll be much kore easy to negotiate with if i can get a deal wrapped up and paid for before i g to bed tonight....