Franklin Gutierrez (Indians/Mariners) & Julio Cruz (M's/White Sox) Appearance 9-14-09

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Jun 11, 2005
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Franklin Gutierrez (Indians/Mariners) & Julio Cruz (M's/White Sox) Appearance 9-14-09

I just learned yesterday that a local card shop is having Franklin Gutierrez and Julio Cruz at his shop on Monday, September 14th. He is charging $15 each for Gutierrez and Cruz is free!

If anyone needs to add either player, I can probably help you out. I was thinking about going down after work to check it out, although I don't need either player.

The shop owner is selling tickets for Gutierrez or you can show up on the day of the signing. Buying a ticket guarantees a signature though.

With Cruz, I am not sure how that will work. I assume by mail you'd need to either buy a Gutierrez and maybe get a free Cruz or perhaps actually be there to get Cruz and no free autos by mail. That is where I come in. If I go, I can get Cruz. I don't know how popular this will be or how many Cruz auto's I can get, therefore I can't make any promises on Cruz because of this.

If you are interested, let me know here on the thread ASAP. I don't have anything to get signed for either player myself, so if you wanted something specific, you have a little time to send it off to me. I assume the shop will have cards, photos and such for sale as well.
Julio Cruz is one of the players I collect. If OK with you, I'll send you a few cards if him (how many?) to try to get them autographed. Will send you a SASE for the return too. If this is OK, please pm me your address.

Thanks in advance,

I could use the Julio Cruz for my signed 1987 Topps set. I should have a couple I can send you for 50/50.. LMK I am leaving town for Cozumel on Saturday so if need be I can send out before then. Thanks.

I got cards from stlcardtrader & criollos. If anyone else already sent cards, they need to arrive at my work on Monday for me to have a chance to get them signed. It's too late now if you don't already have them on the way!

I will leave after work and attempt to get everything I have signed. Wish me luck!
Success! stlcardtrader & criollos, cards will go out in tomorrow's mail!

I got there just before the advertised hour of the signing (traffic was a little heavy due to a one lane closure on the way to the shop!). I walked to the shop and saw Cruz inside signing, but in front of the store was a parking spot reserved for Gutierrez, which was empty. Apparently he was running a tad late. I grabbed my stuff and got in line, however it was not moving. I finally asked if the line was for both players. One guy helping the shop owner said it was the only line, but everyone was waiting for Gutierrez and I quote..."I don't think anyone is here just for Cruz", to which I replied "I am!".

Since Gutierrez was not there yet and the line was not moving anyway, he whisked me to the front of the line where Cruz proceeded to sign everything I had. We chatted for a moment while he finished signing and I was on my way. I nearly bumped into Gutierrez on my way out, as he was arriving to the buzz of his fans. Cruz was a real class act and a gentleman. He was friendly, answered my questions, even reminisced about the Kingdome and signed EVERYTHING handed to him. Makes me wish I had a chance to dig out some other interesting stuff for him to sign, as I am sure I have scorecards, posters, stubs, SGAs, calendars and cards. Oh well...maybe next time. He is local.

I'll try to post some pics tonight when I get a chance to take some.