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Dec 27, 2005
Woodmere, NY
After over a decade of my old website being dormant/frozen, I was able to log back in and get it reactivated:

I soon realized that most of my pages hadn't been updated since 2009-2011! Regaining the content of have lists and need lists was quite useful, even if the information is outdated by now. The thrill didn't last long though.

In late July, I got an email from Vistaprint (who apparently owns now) that they are shutting down operations. They recommend their new Vista x Wix offering.

So I started building a site on Wix, but I don't think it's intended for collectors like us who are not businesses per se. I mainly want to post lists and don't have much of a need for graphics or photos.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or ideas:

Also I saw members here recommended Google for a free website. What are your thoughts and experiences? Thank you all for any advice you can offer.
Robert, I have been using a freewebs/ site since forever and got a similar e-mail quite a while ago. I have, however, not seen any change or effect to my site.