Fri successes with a question to the group


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I had a cool success tainted a bit and was hoping some of you experienced TTM'ers could help me here.

Andre Ethier signed 2/2 and even included a note but unfortunately between either writing my name on the note or whatever, he wrote To Caleb instead of to Clayton(my nephew). Do any of you know how to take off a personalization?...what you would use to wipe away that part without taking off the signature?'s unfortunate b/c he even included a nice note back to me about being related to Bobby Winkles(he played at ASU and that field is named after Winkles)...anyway any help would be appreciated

Bobby Shantz 3/3
Billy Harrell 3/1 signed index card and included small photo of his 61 topps card..

here are the ethier's

shantz and harrell...shantz included some nice inscriptions....


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last thing about your image prob i can think of is you are probably useing the address bar and not the image url


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I know AXE works pretty good at getting a personalization off,just put a tiny Dab where the name is and rub off with paper towel or something,congrats on the pickups


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the best is nail polish remover. Try it on a common glossy card first. Write on it, then put some remover on a Q tip, and it should bubble up and you can use the other end to wipe it off. Just be careful a little is all you need.