FS - 2014 Bowman Draft Base from Break


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I have the following from a Jumbo of 2014 Bowman Draft that I wasted money on. Nothing has been pulled from these lots, just not interested in messing with the base.

Shipping will be $6.00 for a Padded Flat Rate Mailer to start, will keep the cost as low as I can for anyone purchasing multiple lots.

All Paper - $12.00
Top Prospect Paper - 100+ cards - Saw Bryant, Buxton, Frazier, Appel, Correa, etc. - $5.00
Draft Picks Paper - 150 Cards - Don't know many names, but saw Schwarber, Gordon in the first few cards. - $8.00

All Chrome - $7.50
Top Prospect Chrome - 36 Cards - $4.00
Draft Picks Chrome - 43 Cards - $4.00


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Whole batch for $25-ish, if my math is right. I'd do that, as I need some trade bait for more Cubs. Message me if I'm close.

David K.

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Any colored Luis Ortiz? Best regards, David PS also working on the orange ice serial 25.