FS: 2016 Topps Marketside

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5.00 star(s)
Have these Topps Marketside available:

5 Machado
8 Cabrera
12 Pedroia
17 Sale
19 Posey
21 Severino (RC)
27 Goldschmidt
29 Molina
31 Stanton
39 Abreu
42 Mauer
47 Seager (RC)

$1 each + SASE.

Take all 12 for $10 and I'll include the coupon cards that came in the packs, and the code cards if you want them.
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David K.

5.00 star(s)
5 Machado
8 Cabrera
39 Abreu

I could use theses three....I have a Marketside Jacob DeGrom mets.....so 1 for 1 for the Machado and $2.00 for the other two marketside cards sound good to you? I would like a bubble envelope....so the trade with be for your three cards......my Degrom and $2.00 Plus $3.00 extra for the bubble envelope. Let me know or you can post it ..only if you agree. Best regards, David