FS 2020 Silver Pack Chrome MCGWIRE Gold HIURA Black TROUT BICHETTE

chief wahoo

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I have these for sale. Add $3.50 for shipping. Thanks for looking.

2020 Topps '85 Topps Silver Pack Chrome #85C1 Trout $5
2020 Topps '85 Topps Silver Pack Chrome #85C41 Bichette $8
[strike]2020 Topps '85 Topps Silver Pack Chrome Black Refractor #85C22 Hiura /199[/strike] SOLD
2020 Topps '85 Topps Silver Pack Chrome Gold Refractor #85C30 McGwire /50 $25

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Hiura cards went up big recently. Lots of people picking his cards up. Saw his rc updates us150 jumped to 8.00 so I looked up my golds and my 150 years stamped and they jumped to 80.00 Crazy times.


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not to derail your thread , but is just me or does that card having mcgwire on an 85 topps design just look soooooo wrong in the a's uni instead of the team usa jersey ?

on another side note...how often does someone post a batch of cards for sale and have the mike trout be the cheapest of the entire group ?

all nice cards btw....