FS Best Offer: 2020 Lot of Topps S1, Heritage, Gypsy Queen


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FS: 2020 Lot of Topps S1, Heritage, Gypsy Queen

Will sell these any/all cards at listed price, IF you buy the lot
2020 gq bichette green.....$10
2020 gq hoerner auto........$30
2020 gq arozarena rc..........$10
2020 gq sp's Clemente, Ripken, Koufax, J Robinson, Sosa(logo swap).........$25
$30....will consider offers
Also, will trade for mlb hof on card auto(s)

2020 Gypsy Queen
2,3,20,32,44,46,54,64,66,69,72,73,81,87, 88,89,96,109,111,117,119,124,138,139,146 ,148,154,156,184,186,189,190,192,193,
196,205, 218,221,223,228,236,240,243,247,264,266, 274,277,279,283,290,294, 300(trout)

Rookie Cards (RC)
26(morejon), 34(alzolay), 74(zeuch), 91(brown x2), 171(chang),173(yamamoto), 260(Collins x2)
Chrome 113 Puk
No Name 286 (Leyba)
Logo swap 220(Marvel), 229(Clase)

Inserts & Parallels
blue border #/150 11,179
logo swap 8,136,163
chrome 162(sanchez), 250(verlander)
blue border chrome 61(bell #/99),
tarot 13(springer)
fortune teller mini 5 alvarez,11(guerrero, jr x2), 18(meadows), 20(judge)

2020 Topps S1
base 5,9,14,18,21,23,25,30,41,44,48,53,54,55,57,58 ,59,62,65,72,73,77,80,84,89,93,95,100,102,117,118,119,130, 132,135,
136(x2),138,145,153(x2),163,171,179,180,185,187, 189,191,192,203,211,217,231,240,245,252,256,265,275, 277,286,
287,288,296,298,299,301,304,305,306,309,311,315(x2),319,320,321,323,324,343,346, 349

Rookie Cards (RC)
38(Nola), 56(Munzo),106 armenteros,110(Luzardo),166(Solak),235(May),242 young, 273(Abreu)

sp 175 f thomas
decade's best 71 pedro, 93 trout
rookie card retro rc logo medallion ha aaron
turkey red 3,42,51,63,68,71,78,84,88,93
topps chrome turkey red 81 Yadier Molina
Hoskins 10
topps chrome 79,81 degrom,173 chang rc,175

2020 Topps Heritage
candlestick park 1965 mays #15
base 9,28,32,36,49,55,67,70,90,114,128 ,168,172,179,180,197,204,205,210,222,228 ,235,

Rookie Cards (no "RC" on card, but listed in Beckett as rc's)
52 (Bichette/Kay Blu Jays), 121 (Alzolay/Hoerner Cubs), 247(Staumont/Starling Royals)
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John, I just need these:301(ruth), 308(clemente). I don't have any HOF GU or Autos to trade. Anything else you looking for? LMK, Aaron