FS: Flat Rate Multiteam Boxes


5.00 star(s)
Have several monster boxes divided by teams. Cards are from late 1980's to current (although the bulk is 1990's). There are base, parallels, inserts, rookie cards. There are commons, minor and semi stars (don't expect Jeter, Trout, Griffey, Ripken, etc) but you can expect McGwire, Ozzie, Bo, players along that line.

Since I don't have enough to fill a med flat rate box with any one team, it'll take 3 or 4 or 5 teams (stack in the boxes range from 3" long to over a foot). So tell me your teams in order of preference and I'll go until the box is filled. (Yankees are gone)

Med Flat Rate Box $75
Large Flate Rate Box $90

Also..have low end autos and game used from a lot of the teams. Will include autos for $2 each and game used for $1.50 each if you want