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Fs/Ft Random Autograph Cards 8x10 index cards


4.90 star(s)
Everything is legit, I either got it thru the mail, at games or signings. The only one I purchased was the David Price index card that is JSA Authenticed. Looking for Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons memorabilia, baseball or basketball cards, or cash

Here is a brief synopsis:
Roberto Alomar autographed ticket Framed.
Nolan Ryan Autographed Card (TTM) Framed
Luis Gonzalez autograph framed
Jeff Weaver autograph framed (paper has stains)
Jacob Turner 11x14 Autographed Pic
Doug Blair Autographed Pic (‘84 WS)
Alex Rodriguez autograph paper (Stain on paper)
James Earl Jones signed index card (actor Sandlot, Field of Dreams)
Stan Musial signed post card
Tommy John signed index card
Jenni Finch signed card (says To Duke)
David Price signed index card JSA

not pictured:
Billy Beane (Moneyball GM) signed index card
David Price and Evan Longoria dual signed baseball card.

please lmk if u have interest I’m trying to move to make room.



5.00 star(s)
What would you be looking for on the Nolan Ryan, Stan Musial, and James Earl Jones?

Maybe also on Tommy John too?

Thanks and God bless!