FS/FT - Team Insert/Parallel Lots - Mixed Years, 90s-2020, Almost All Teams, ~50 cards Per Lot

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Jul 28, 2007
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I've been separating inserts and parallels by team for a while now and I'd like to start moving them in lots. I'm happy to share pictures of what's in each lot, but to avoid wasting time, I'd like to try and share as much about these lots here to try and hone in on truly interested parties.

I have every team except the Blue Jays.

Lots are different sizes depending on team, but I'd say they average 60 cards. Some are 100, some are 40.

Lots will be almost all inserts and parallels. There will be refractors, numbered cards and more. Some lots will have GU/Autos.

In general, not a lot of superstars will be in these lots. Years will be mixed from the 90s (not very much) to the 2000s, 2010s and even some 2020s. Lots will be a mix of licensed and unlicensed cards.

I think a conservative BV guesstimate for these lots is $1 per card plus $5 per GU/Auto. I'd say on average, team lots will have a BV of $75.

I would be looking to sell these for around $10-$15 shipped per lot. As an alternative, I would trade, but only for one or two cards in return. I would want the card(s) to have a BV of about 50% of what I am trading away. So if you want an $80 BV lot, I'd take one $40 BV card or two $20 BV cards. Or $15 payment.

I'm pretty flexible here and motivated to move these- I just would rather not spend a bunch of time taking pictures and finding out there is no interest.