FS or FT: Topps Project 2020 cards - Trout, Griffey, Ichiro, Jeter, Mays, etc.


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Hey guys,

I have the following Topps Project 2020 cards for sale @ $16 each plus shipping. Each card comes with it's original Topps box/cardboard sleeve. I will be willing to give a better price if you buy several.

If trading, I am placing a $17 trade value on each card.

Please note that almost all of the cases have light scratches/scuffs as is common with these shipped from Topps.

Shipping as follows:

$3.50 - 1-2 cards
$4.50 - 3-4 cards
Contact me for quote for more than 5 cards as they cards are heavy to ship.

Post in this thread or PM. Thanks in advance!

63. Mike Trout - Fucci
66. Ken Griffey Jr. - Jacob Rochester
75. George Brett - Grotesk
77. Ichiro Suzuki - King Saladeen

79. Jackie Robinson - Mister Cartoon
80. Willie Mays - Sophia Chang
82. Derek Jeter - Andrew Thiele

84. Bob Gibson - Ermsy
85. Mike Trout - Jacob Rochester
86. Dwight Gooden - Ben Baller

If you want close up images of what each card looks like, here they are:

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Good luck with them..........Gotta say they're pretty ugly, but apparently very collectible...........Don't think I've seen these before.........