FS or ft

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I am not going to lock this thread, because it mentions FT, as well as FS.

New members are not allowed to sell until they get 20 feedback points from 20 different traders. Any current member buying from a new member will not have recourse if the deal goes bad.
The Mod team will not assist on anything if one of the following is true:
You made a deal on the site but did not post the trade in The Trade Manger
You Purchased cards from a member who has less than 20 Bench Points
You made a trade with a person who has the MSF (must send first) Avatar, but did not wait to receive their end first
You purchased a card from a trader and paid via Paypal "Gift". Abusing Paypal's "gift" option leaves you no recourse to reclaim your money in the event that you do not receive the item(s) you paid for. If you pay with Paypal "Gift" you are doing so at your own risk
Not open for further replies.